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Leading Solar is a 100% Australian owned and operated solar retailer operating out of Melbourne Victoria. We service all kinds of solar needs from solar panels, batteries, inverters, monitoring, and much more for all types of residential and commercial customers alike. We stock only the best brands in the world and employ the highest quality installers, designers, and engineers, all of whom are approved and accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC).

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Leading Solar was created with a dream! The dream was (and still is) to help anyone we can on this planet, including that as well! Our mission is to help people save money by providing highly efficient products and installing quality solar systems, all the while helping them help our environment in return by going solar. And every time we sell a solar system we give $1 for every panel sold to various charities to help them too. All in all it’s a win-win scenario when you go solar with Leading Solar.


We strive to be our best by adhering to the CEC’s Solar Retailer Code of Conduct.


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